Wonderfully Made 2020 Dates TBD

Wonderfully Made is a Christian Based Human Sexuality Education workshop for fifth and sixth grade boys and girls. Led by MDUMC Children's Director, Allyson George.  Allyson has been teaching this class at many different churches for over 12 years. Allyson has been a children’s director and youth director for almost 25 years.  Allyson has a M.A. of Religious Education from Perkins School of Theology at SMU.

Wonderfully Made addresses many of the questions that older elementary girls and boys have about their physical development and growing awareness of sexuality. Its biblical foundation affirms sexuality as a gift of the God in whose image we have been created – a gift we are to express responsibly. Wonderfully Made affirms the family as the source, for most children, of love and guidance. It acknowledges parents as children’s primary sex educators and strives to support parents as they talk with their children and serve as important role models.

This resource addresses issues such as social stereotypes, peer pressure, the influence of the media, and the consequences of irresponsible sexual behavior. It also speaks to some of the issues that young people will face within the next several years and to the importance of learning to make sound decisions.

The tone of Wonderfully Made – as communicated through both the text and the illustrations –is warm, positive, and engaging. The facts are presented with honesty and compassion, realizing that this age group is looking for both information and affirmation.

Each student will receive a ‘Wonderfully Made’ book at the end of the class.  This book has been designed as a reading book for older elementary girls and boy and includes almost everything the students were taught throughout the class. It may be used by parents as the starting point for discussions with their sons and daughters. It has also been developed for use in a human sexuality study for older elementary girls and boys and their parents.

Participation in this study will provide basic biological and developmental information, build self-esteem in the students, strengthen communication skills among older elementary girls and boys and between them and their parents, and introduce participants to the fact that their sexuality is an integral part of being human. Students will learn and practice using proper terminology. They will also focus on the real meaning of intimacy – a special closeness or friendship that grows as people get to know and learn to accept one another.

Wonderfully Made is intended to assist parents and churches in communicating a word of grace and peace to young people who are moving into a fast-paced and sometimes confusing period of growth.

Wonderfully Made is a highly interactive approach to learning that is also a lot of fun for everyone involved. But as much fun as this experience promises to be, don’t expect your son or daughter to be wildly excited when you approach them about participating!

Resistance to a sensitive topic like sexuality is to be expected, but don't give in to it. We believe that you will agree that the commitment of time will be well worth it in improved understanding and communication.

For more information, contact Allyson George.

Wonderfully Made Schedule

(full attendance mandatory unless you have consulted with Allyson George)

Tuesday Evening
Parents Only Meeting - 7-8:15 PM

Friday Sessions
Students Only - 7-9 PM (Snack served)

Saturday Sessions
Students Only 9 AM-2 PM
Parent joins for closing - 2-2:30 PM (no siblings please) Snack and Lunch served


Small Group Adult Volunteers are needed for every 6-8 students.  Volunteers have a short training after the parent meeting Thursday.  Volunteers will not be placed in a group with their son or daughter.  Volunteers simple follow the instructions given by Allyson for simple Bible studies and games/activities. We need male and female volunteers.