Our Youth Ministry is dedicated to three simple things: Meaningful relational investment in the lives of students and parents, honest and authentic Bible teaching, and missional service of our local, national, and international neighbors.

Our passion is deeper than youth ministry...it’s family ministry. We offer countless opportunities for our students - from retreats, service projects, and Bible studies to fellowship, mission trips, and The Refuge.  In all that we do, we provide students and their families with a friendly, honest, and loving church environment.

Our aim is to help students continually cultivate a desire to discover and develop a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. We value our standing in the community and our role in the lives of students and do not take our responsibility lightly. Our staff is committed to helping families experience the transformational love of God through prayer, relationships, and action.

Upcoming Youth Events

For questions on 7.8 events please email Lynell. For questions on High School or College events please email Carrie.

March 26-29 - Holy Week Prayer Breakfast | All Students | The Refuge
April 6-8 - 8th Grade Mystery Trip (REGISTER HERE)
May 6 - Senior Sunday (REGISTER HERE)
June 10-16 - High School Workcamp (REGISTER HERE)
June 20-24 - 7.8 Workcamp (REGISTER HERE)

Permission Slips and Online Registrations

Schlitterbahn - June 5

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7.8 Workcamp - June 20-24

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Senior Sunday - May 6


High School Workcamp - June 10-16

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Youth Newsletters

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Steve Speaks - a weekly devotional sent out by Steve Cragg

Meet Our Staff

Mark Bogart
Director of Youth Ministries

Steve Cragg
Director of The Refuge

Karen Crawford
Office Manager

Kim Kennedy
Director of Sports and Recreation

Lynell Kennedy
7.8 Ministry Coordinator

Carrie Neal
High School Ministry Coordinator

Olivia Palacio
7.8 Ministries Assistant 

Wes Settegast
High School Ministry Assistant

Kory Snyder
Youth Ministries Assistant