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White Dresses

In the tiny community of Hampstead, Jamaica, where mission teams from Texas have served for 25 years, lives Mrs. Thompson in a small, two-room house behind the All-Age School at Hampstead. We met Mrs. Thompson over 20 years ago, and we also became well-acquainted with her daughter, Sarah, a tiny, beautiful child with a huge smile. Actually, Sarah led us to her mom when she literally jumped into the arms of one of our team members during a Spring Break trip.

As time has rolled along, our friendship with Mrs. Thompson has deepened, and she is always one of the first people to greet our team when we arrive at the school. Over the years, we have visited with her, provided a marker for her father’s grave, and taken her little gifts which she treats as huge treasures. On one of our trips three years ago, Mrs. Thompson was filled with such joy, and as we walked down the dusty road of Hampstead, she let us know she was going to be baptized! This brought great joy to those of us with her that day. She said she needed a white dress for her baptism – it just so happened that one of our team members had brought a new, white dress with her. She wondered at the time of purchase, “Why am I buying this? I don’t ever wear white.” As you can guess, the new white dress went to Mrs. Thompson for her baptism. We can see the difference in Mrs. Thompson’s life since her baptism and her acceptance of Jesus Christ! This is just one of many stories we experience when we serve in Jamaica!


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