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Ordination of Reverend Ginny

Many of you have asked me what will change about my ministry now that I’m ordained. The short answer, as far as daily life with you is concerned, is that relatively little will be visibly different. I will have the same role, along with the same stole. And no, being ordained does not mean that I have a greater chance of leaving this appointment!

So what has changed now? Most of all, my relationship to our annual conference. Our bishop likes to remind us that “pastors live in their annual conference.” Your clergy are not members of MDUMC, nor of any local church. We are members of the Texas Conference. And at ordination, we become members in full connection. The journey continues, but there are no more educational requirements to meet, no more papers to write, no more interviews to pass. At ordination, we celebrate the partnered work that has been completed by God, conference, and clergyperson. At ordination, we are “done.” We are fully in the family now.

I began this pathway in 2010, as a 21-year-old college student, and I’m celebrating the milestone of ordination 8 years later. Life has taken many twists and turns, and seasons both bitter and sweet have ensued in the meantime. But through it all, even as directions have changed, God’s call has remained constant.

So many faithful people have walked beside me on the path, and you are all in that cloud of witnesses! For you – on all days, but especially today – I give great thanks. May the glory all be God’s.


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