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A Mentor & A Friend

I have been with my mentee, Emeraude, since she was a third grader. She is now finishing fourth grade, and she is a such a bright and delightful young lady. We always enjoy playing games, talking, joking, drawing, and laughing together.

We have been fortunate to go on the MDUMC-sponsored outing to the Edith Moore Nature Center two times. We both love being out in nature, and it is so fun to see her excitement over even small things like spider webs, minnows, bird sounds, and all the different colors of green we could find. These outings truly deepened our relationship, and I am so thankful to the church and Julie Eisenhauer for coordinating the event.

My mentee has a complicated family situation, so we talk about the ups and downs of home life and the status of her various friendships. I think I have been able to help her develop some relationship skills she can use at home and school. She will be making new friends next school year because her family is moving. I will miss her terribly, but we plan to write letters to each other and keep in touch. I highly recommend mentoring to adults who want to positively influence the life of a young person. It is very rewarding for both the student and yourself!


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