Sacraments and Care

Communion | Ginny Tincher -

When we gather together to celebrate this sacrament, we believe that the table of the Lord is open to all who are present, reguardless of age, ability, or church membership. Communion is offered each first Sunday in the Main Campus Sanctuary, all remaining Sundays in the Chapel on the Main Campus, and every Sunday at the Well on the West Campus.

Baptisms | BeckyBogart -

We believe bapism is an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace marking us as the children of God and welcoming us into the body of Christ. At MDUMC, we baptize adults through profession of faith and children as a sign of God’s grace later professed at confirmation. For questions and scheduling, please contact Becky Bogart.

Weddings | Christen Harvey -

We are thankful to have a facility that serves as a beautiful wedding and reception venue. Wedding fees are set to cover the costs of using the church’s facilities, including the facilities staff, light and sound technician, and the fee for our pre-marriage seminar. For questions and more information, please contact Christen Harvey.

Memorial Services | Becky Bogart -

Our pastoral, music, and facilities staff are available for memorial services. For questions and scheduling, please contact Becky Bogart.