What is the Caring Forever Foundation?

The Caring Forever Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation of Memorial Drive United Methodist Church organized exclusively for charitable, religious, and educational purposes. Governed by an elected board from the congregation, this body receives gifts, legacies and bequests, and administers the same for the perpetual benefit of the church's ministries and mission. The CFF operates exclusively for the benefit of Memorial Drive UMC, its ministries, its programs, its outreach, and its facilities. The funds of the CFF are invested in such a manner as to preserve capital, offset inflation, as well as provide current income for grants from specific funds as allowed and from the General Funds for requests. The current funds in the CFF are:


Undesignated funds from gifts, memorials, honoraria, and bequests which can be used for grants in accordance with the purposes of the CFF.


H. Eugene Cragg - up to $1,500 per year for students enrolled in graduate work leading to fulltime ministry in a local congregation of the United Methodist Church.


Helping Hands - to help people who are “under-blessed”. 


Beverly Sloan Landscaping - to be used for the landscaping and maintenance of the Memorial Drive UMC grounds.

Memorial Gardens - to be used for the upkeep and maintenance of the Memorial Garden columbarium.


Bobbie Swaim Music Memorial - to support the traditional, classical music and organ concert programs of Memorial Drive UMC.

Howard Swaim Media Ministries - to upgrade and/or replace video and audio equipment and technology of Memorial Drive UMC.

Dr. Harry Rankin Lectures - to support annual lectureships.

Gifts, memorials, and honoraria- designated or undesignated- can be made by sending your check to: The Caring Forever Foundation, 12955 Memorial Drive, Houston, Texas 77079, Attn: Viva Pennington

If you are interested in learning more about putting The Caring Forever Foundation in your will, please contact Viva Pennington at the above address or by calling 713-468-8356, x241 or by emailing her.

Contact CFF

Dr. Chuck Simmons  |  Executive Director

713-468-8356 ext. 244


Viva Pennington  |  Administrator

713-468-8356 ext. 241


The Memorial Garden

On the east side of the church courtyard is the final resting place for the cremated remains of members and loved ones.

The Memorial Garden offers a quiet, comforting space to draw close to God, to give thanks, and to remember. It is a link with the Church Triumphant and proclaims the Christian faith: the beginning and the end of human life rest with God.

Practically speaking, The Memorial Garden is a columbarium with niches held in a polished wall of granite engraved with personal markers for the deceased. Each niche has ben entrusted to the perpetual care of MDUMC and is the responsibility of the Caring Forever Foundation.

If you are a church member desiring to learn more about purchasing inurnment rights in The Memorial Garden, contact the CFF office at 713-468-8356 ext. 241.